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Spring 2022


 For additional information and details, please read below.  To register, please use this link: 

T-Ball & Coach Pitch

Teams will typically practice twice a week for one hour starting February 1st. Once games begin practices typically decrease to one practice per week  T-Ball plays games on Saturdays only.  Coach pitch typically has a weekday and a Saturday game. Games are typically never on Sundays unless there are a lot of rain outs which require us to play some Sundays. Games in T-Ball are 1 hour in length and 90 minutes in Coach Pitch. Practice locations are at local elementary and middle schools. Your coach will provide you locations and practice days when he contacts you in late January. 

Equipment needed: Your player will need his/her own glove and helmet. Most players do bring their own bat but the league will supply one for team use. Your local sporting goods store can help you size both glove and bat. You should also purchase any color baseball pant for practices. The coach will tell you what color pants to purchase for game use. Boys are required to wear athletic cups. All players need to wear baseball cleats. 

Single A, AA, AAA, Majors & Juniors

Teams will typically practice 2-3 (max is 3 practices per week) times per week until games begin and then 1-2 times per week after games begin. There are typically 2 games per week.  Teams cannot have more than 4 events (includes games and practices) per week. All AA thru Juniors players will need to tryout.

Divisions & Ages

T-Ball - Ages 4-5

Coach Pitch - Ages 6-7

Single A - Ages 7-8 

Double A - Ages 8-9

Triple A - Ages 9-10

Majors -  Ages 11-12

Juniors- Ages 13-14

For the Little League Age Chart for 2022, please follow the link below.  


November 30th - Early Registration Discount Deadline

December 31st - Spring Registration Deadline

January 8th* - Spring Tryouts for AA-Juniors

February 1st - Practices Begin

Opening Day 2022 - TBD

"Game of the Week" events every Saturday! 

* Please be prepared for changes on short notice due to weather conditions.