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EHYLLL Over the Line Summer Camp

Registration for OTL is closed!

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us in different ways. As the days have gone by this spring, we have watched our season be put on hold, games canceled and league events and potential memories drift on by. More recently we have seen other local baseball leagues and the majority of leagues within our own District 56 officially cancel Spring baseball. We have held out hope as long as we possibly could, in order to give our kids and families the chance to get back on the field. It has become clear that will not happen in the traditional baseball format. We have come up with several different ideas and plans to present to the city, with the hopes of being able to return. Until recently, those plans were not approved as the county had strict guidelines in place. I assure you, we tried everything. We appreciate your support and patience during this time, we truly did our best to get traditional baseball back. 

We are excited to announce we have been approved to offer a safe and casual baseball “Over The Line” summer camp program. This program will be offered FREE of charge. We know this will not be traditional baseball with 9 players on the field, but we do believe it will provide a safe and positive activity for our kids to enjoy for those who are ready to do so. We have consulted with the City of Yorba Linda, Little League International, District 56 and other local leagues (Golden Hill LL) in order to get this approved. Due to COVID-19 protocol, we are only able to offer this program to players in Single A-Juniors. We assure you we have many safety measures in place to be able to successfully run this program for those old enough to comply with what is in place.

A couple of notes about “Over The Line”:

- The games will last between 60-90 minutes

- No practices

- 2-3 games per week through at least the end of July (maybe into August)

- 4 players per team with only 1 coach (This falls within city guidelines)

- Managers and coaches already approved for the spring season will be given first priority to receive a team. Anyone who did not coach or manage in the spring is eligible to coach a team, however, they must complete the required background check.

- Because of various factors, we are NOT accepting registration on an individual basis. Registration is ONLY open on a team basis (4 players). If you are interested in playing, we encourage you to assemble a team of 4 players & serve as the parent facilitator (i.e : manager) and then register your team. If you are interested in playing but don't have a team, please email and you will be added to a list should a manager be seeking a player. However, we encourage you to assemble a team with your child's friends, schoolmates, or old teammates to assure placement. 

- Once you have a team formed, the manager needs to fill out the above link.

Information regarding specifics about the EHYLLL Over the Line Summer Camp can be found in the FAQ section. Please read ALL information included on this page including the COVID-19 OTL Best Practices and the "Acknowledgment of Risk" statement.

If we are able to add more field locations and can assure that proper COVID-19 related safety protocol can be achieved at said locations, we will do so and immediately get all wait listed teams started.

Registration :  Unfortunately, we are NOT able to accept individual registration.  A "Parent Facilitator" (i.e : manager) should seek commitments from 4 players and only then register.

COVID-19 Related OTL Best Practices

  • No "warm-ups" or practicing allowed prior to your game.
  • No participant may enter the dugout or field until all previous game participants and their equipment are removed.
  • All games should have 30 minutes between them to minimize crowding.
  • Parent facilitator should sanitize the dugout upon entering and prior to leaving.
  • All participants should practice the CDC's recommended social distancing of at least 6 feet at all times.
  • At no time should there be more than 10 participants on the "field side of play" for any game. This includes and shall be limited to 4 players & 1 parent participant.
  • No use of bleachers by spectators.  All spectators should watch from beyond the fence while practicing CDC recommended social distancing and are encouraged to wear face coverings.
  • Face coverings by participants are allowed and encouraged.
  • No sharing off equipment (bats, gloves, helmets, etc.) between participants. No equipment bags in the dugouts.
  • Only personal use water bottles are allowed in dugouts. No food or drinks of any other kind. No gum or sunflower seeds.
  • Parent facilitator should sanitize baseballs between innings.
  • All participants should sanitize their hands between innings and thoroughly wash their hands immediately following their game
  • No team huddles. No post-game handshakes.
  • Parent facilitator should sanitize the dugout upon entering and prior to leaving.
  • No post-game snacks or loitering at facility following your game.

Acknowledgment of Risk Statement 

EHYLLL "Over the Line" Summer League FAQS

2020 Season Length :   June until August.

**application process will remain open until division is full. Teams may join mid-season if spots remain available. Wait lists will be created if we are able to add more fields.

Divisions Offered : A thru Juniors

*for reasons ranging from city & Little League 2020 safety guidelines, legal counsel,  as well as general COVID-19 necessary protocol, we are unable to offer play to children in ages below A.

Eligibility : Participants must have been registered for EHYLLL Spring 2020 season in one of the division's offered. Players may play-up a division to be with friends or siblings. Players may not play down a division unless approved by the league President or Vice President. 

Commitment Level : 2-3 Games per week, Monday thru Saturday @ Mustang, Travis Ranch & Bryant Ranch. Games will typically be 45 minutes to 1:15 in length.

Participants per Team : 4 players + 1 parent facilitator

Teams Allowed : Because of current field allocation & COVID-19 related safety measures implemented, we are limited to the amount of teams we can accept.