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    Around the league............

    Here is revised schedule for today. 

    Mustang Games - all games on as scheduled

    Travis Games

    9 AM CP Cubs vs A's will play at 9 at Travis Middle  Field #1(grass field only) see fields at

    11 AM CP Diamond Backs vs Nationals will play at 11 at Travis Middle  Field #1 (grass field only)

    9AM  Single A A's vs Indians will play at 5:30 today at Travis A

    11:15 Single A Angels vs Dodgers will play as scheduled

    9AM AAA Red Sox vs Nationals will play at  Travis AAA at 2:30pm (yes this was just revised)

    All the rest play as scheduled unless further notified

    Bryant Ranch Games

    9 AM Tball Giants vs Astros will play at 9 on Bryant Ranch Tball (see field map here

    9AM CP Blue Jays vs CP Giants will play at 9 AM at Bryant Ranch Park (see field map here

    10:30 Tball Angels vs Yankees will play at 10:30 at Bryant Ranch Tball 

    11:00 AM CP Astros vs Yankees will play at 11:00 AM will play at Bryant Ranch Park)

    All Games starting later than 11 at Bryant will play as scheduled unless further notified. 




    Casino Tickets Online

    Hello Community, 

    Purchase your April 21'st Casino Night tickets online for the low price of $40* that is a $10 savings off the door price and will ensure you get a ticket before it sells out. Click the link below to purchase tickets.

    * Online transaction fees apply. 


    Snack Bar Schedule

    Date Travis Snack Bar Hours Bryant Snack Bar Mustang Snack Bar
    3/17 Noon -5 Noon -2:30 9-5
    3/19 Closed Closed 5-7:30
    3/20 Closed 5-7:30 5-7:30
    3/21 Closed 5-7:30 5-7:30
    3/22 Closed 5-7:30 5-7:30

    Field Status Update

    For future reference:  The field statuses below  will be updated by 3:15 on rain days and days following a rain day. Any per location status differences (if any) will be noted below each location. 

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